The Benefit Of Contact With The Upper World

294.4Question: Why did countries that expelled Jews quickly decline? And vice versa, countries that admitted them prospered?

Answer: Indeed, we see that as Jews moved from Spain through the rest of Europe and were expelled from one country to another, waves of ascents and declines accompanied them.

The fact is that the method they had adopted, the point in the heart, the connection with spirituality, and the contact with the upper world gives one the ability to understand this world, how it works, what is inside it, how forces that an ordinary person lacks operate behind the scenes.

Question: It turns out that this point in the heart, the connection with the governing force, was found only among the Jews, right?

Answer: Yes. Perhaps you do not clearly feel the upper force because you are removed from this perception. But despite this, it is somehow intuitively present in you. Even if you are involved in banking, an artisan craft, science, or music, no matter what, it gives you a deeper, broader understanding of the universe that, in fact, is not found in others.

But anyone can get it if he starts using the method of Kabbalah, develops himself like Abraham’s group once did, and obtains the sensation of the upper world. Then he will attain the three-dimensional sphere that exists beyond our world that envelops and governs us. He will see the spiritual roots and begin to intuitively feel what is happening here.

Therefore, although we do not see it in today’s Jews nor are they aware of it themselves, ever since then there have been spiritual imprints in them that become manifested in such completely worthless achievements. This happens in order to speed up the process and show the impasse of the egoistic path of development.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Difference in souls” 12/11/09

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