Ten In One Boat

934What can be considered an action of bestowal in regard to the ten? It is when I take care that the entire ten is healthy in both corporeality and spiritually and that we are united.

The ten is like a boat that I am protecting so that it does not sink, but rather crosses this raging sea and reaches the shore. Only then will we understand why the Creator took us through this storm.

In the meantime we all need to take care of our little boat because otherwise we will not survive. I cannot throw myself into the sea of egoism, the Sitra Achra, and swim across it. I need a boat and I need mutual guarantee (Arvut) from which the sides of our boat are assembled.

This is the only way we can cross this sea, it is when everyone takes care of the sides of the boat and tries to move together. Due to the fact that we are constantly making efforts to strengthen the connection between us in every possible way, to connect more and more, and to hold each other even tighter, we advance further and further until we reach the goal.

If we do not do that, we will not achieve anything. We will still advance a little because we are making some efforts, but this is not enough.

Therefore, instead of making egoistic requests to the Creator and complaining that He threw us into the raging sea, we must understand that there is no way out and act like Rabbi Akiva who held onto a log and lowered his head before each wave so that it rolled above him, and thus he reached the shore. Are you ready for the same devotion in order to reach the goal?
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/13/21

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