Recurring Kristallnacht

294.2Question: The 83rd year of Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass,  was recently commemorated. A memorial monument of the Austrian Jews who were murdered on Kristallnacht and in the Holocaust was unveiled in Vienna.

How important is it in your opinion to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust especially these days?

Answer: I don’t relate to it either negatively or positively since the reason for Kristallnacht and other such events has not been corrected yet. I believe that such events may repeat at any moment. We haven’t learned anything, neither the Jews nor those who hate us.

No one understands and no one relates to the true reason for anti-Semitism that is growing all over the world. We always look for culprits and want to show who started it, but we need to point only at ourselves, the Jews who don’t correct ourselves and are not drawn to connection between us and to connection with the world in order to finally bring it to the good connection.

So the reason for such events is still relevant, and we are still in that same night that took place decades ago and which continues to this very day.

Question: Should we remember and commemorate these events?

Answer: Of course we should do that, because then we have a chance to tell people that we need to correct the connection between us if we don’t want such events to repeat.

If we are connected with the right internal intention between us Jews, we will draw the whole world in this direction.
From KabTV’s “Conversation with Journalists”

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