How Can I Overcome Any State?

530How can I overcome any state I am given? If I check it against my friends, I will realize that I can work in any state. You must check yourself from both sides, from below and from above: on one hand to feel lower than all the friends and at the same time to be an active member of the group and invest in it.

This means that at the same time I am in the lowest and in the highest state and then I correctly establish myself relative to the ten. We always check ourselves relative to the spiritual Partzuf that we are building.

I annul myself relative to the center of the ten. The ten is my boat, the ten Sefirot, the group. There is no individual in it, only our common connection that the Creator wants us to achieve on His terms.

He is creating inner conditions in each of us, egoism and inner qualities, in order for me to discover all the qualities that I have and with all this baggage I join my friends and create one circle, sphere, boat, spiritual vessel.

Everyone’s job is to unite all comrades into one vessel, filling them with their own properties, and to feel that this depends on him.

Everyone’s job is to connect all the friends into one vessel to fill them with their qualities, and to feel that everything depends on him. Instead of Malchut, the lowest Sefira of all, I can be Keter, the highest Sefira. This is how I check myself and the ten and work with my friends.

Of course, all this is not done by me but by the upper light. As I annul myself before the Creator and do what He wants from me, I reveal how He does everything and how I, by clinging to Him, understand more and more what is happening to me.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/17/21, Writings of Baal HaSulam, Shamati #62 “Descends and Incites, Ascends and Complains”

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