Kabbalah And The Consumer Economy, Part 9

275We Do Not Need Competition

Question: The economy is built on competition. What will competition look like in the new society?

Answer: We do not need competition. We must do everything completely differently. Most people must be free from having to work, and humanity must stop depleting the Earth, polluting the air, and wasting natural resources. Out of 8 billion people, we will have 7 billion out of work.

Therefore, we need to distribute the work so that everyone is busy maybe an hour or two a day and the rest of the time they are engaged in self-education, and not only self-education, but also education in general. It is necessary to create a huge global system of education, and then we will be busy all the time.

Our children, grandchildren, and we all together must search for methods of correct connections. They are described in Kabbalah, and it remains for us to realize them.

Question: And here, naturally, we will need music, culture, and everything else?

Answer: Everything is needed for this, we must develop. And everything we do not need, we absolutely do not need.

Question: Will companies compete with one another about how much they give and who will give more?

Answer: Maybe. I don’t want to think about anything right now. This is all in the distant future.

Comment: But competition is the fuel, everything is based on it.

My Response: No. There will be other kinds of competition in terms of returns. I haven’t thought about it yet. I think that everything will be balanced, according to the plan; there will be nothing superfluous and nothing unnecessary, only what is most useful and necessary. And the rest of the people will receive only from communicating with each other, enjoying it, and achieving complete fulfillment.
From KabTV’s “ Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 3/1/19

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