Where There Is No Crime Scene

543.02Prophets, Joshua 20:5: And if the avenger of blood pursue him, then they shall not deliver the slayer into his hand, because he smote his neighbor unwittingly, and did not hate him from before.

A neighbor for you is the one with whom you can create a connection. But instead of connecting with him to achieve an even greater common desire, and raising it to the level of appealing to the Creator, you did the opposite. You did not use this desire, you neglected it, killed your part, and the part of the other, that of your friend. By doing this, you seemed to harm the Creator.

Question: But this is done without intent, right?

Answer: There is no such thing without intent. Everything is judged by intention only.

It is said: “I had no hatred for him either yesterday or the third day.” That is, it really was not planned in advance, but in the end egoism still worked.

Question: If the murder is unintentional, then there is no place for revenge. What is revenge?

Answer: In spirituality, it is a correction and not revenge like in our earthly understanding. Everything comes from the Creator. He framed the person in such a state that he made a mistake, and having made this mistake, he got to know himself even more deeply, so that he understands what to do to correct himself.

Question: Does he thank the Creator for this? It is a crime after all.

Answer: In fact, the Torah does not talk about crimes, although it is described with such words. But these are not crimes since everything comes from above. A person should only learn from this, realize that everything comes from the Creator, and make maximum efforts to correct it.

Question: If I understand that everything comes from the Creator and I live this way, then, in principle, I have no one to be offended by and no one to turn to, right?

Answer: You just must study. Therefore, the Torah is called “Torah,” from the word “teaching,” “textbook,” “methodology.” This is a teaching methodology that explains what kind of world we live in, what we should do with ourselves, and how to move on.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 8/16/21

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