Happiness Pill

962.2Comment: Natalia Volskaya writes to you: “Why are we arranged in such a way? If someone fills his apartment to the ceiling with newspapers, we call him crazy. If a woman lives in a trailer full of cats, we call her ridiculous. Yet, when people pathologically accumulate such sums of money that they throw an entire nation into poverty, we put them on the cover of a magazine and pretend that this is a role model.”

My Response: Because this is the way it is. Should I imitate the cat owner? A person should see some kind of example in front of him. But what examples can I give humanity in order for it to learn from them?

Question: Is this why I give examples of these billionaires and rich people?

Answer: Of course, to make it clear to everyone. A book called “How I earned my first billion” should be in demand. I am sure it exists out there somewhere.

Comment: There are many such books. Is this the face of humanity?

My Response: After all, this is a desire. We cannot get away from our desire, from the desire to be fulfilled, to satisfy our beloved egoism. This poor thing suffers all the time.

Question: Is this the most natural fulfillment? You are free if you have money, you are actually happy if you have money and so on, right? Does this mantra work?

Answer: This is how we are arranged. Yes.

Question: What could it be replaced with? Or does it not need to be replaced with anything? Will humanity continue to move toward the search for this fulfillment?

Answer: If you invent a happiness pill, then you will replace it.

Question: What is your happiness pill like?

Answer: It must make me feel happy. What difference does it make to me what color it will be or whether it will be square or in drops?

Comment: Then for me it would be nice not to pay attention to anything, to be indifferent to all annoyances.

My Response: But this is different for everyone! It does not matter. Someone, on the contrary, wants to be in search, to envy everyone, to aspire for something, and so on.

Question: Do we need an individual “pill” for everyone if it were be possible to invent it?

Answer: Yes. To satisfy this desire for happiness, for fulfillment, for knowledge, for power, for what my egoism wants.

Question: If we sum it up, what will fulfill a person after all? What will he come to?

Answer: He will not be fulfilled. Never and in no way! Egoism is a spiritual force, you cannot satisfy and fill it with any corporeal fulfillments.

Question: Then what can fulfill it?

Answer: Love. This is a universal thing. You do not need to name anything else.

A person should feel that he needs to love someone and feel this feeling that fulfills him, feel that he fulfills his beloved—the Creator, humanity, it does not matter what and how. We do not need anything else.

Question: Will humanity come to this in one way or another?

Answer: It will begin to come closer to it ultimately. It will see by trial and error that nothing fulfills it. There is really nothing to be fulfilled with. There will be a huge abyss of unfolding emptiness! Then awareness will gradually appear in humanity: “So what should we do? What is the purpose?”

Question: Will this state called love then come gradually?

Answer: Yes. Everything is already written, everything is prepared. What is left is just to reach it.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 9/23/21

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