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260Question: In Kabbalah there is a law of the general and the particular that says that in each generation there are single individuals who achieve the Creator’s plan and are the first to reveal Him. And the general is that sooner or later all of humanity must achieve this.

What is the purpose of Kabbalists relative to humanity?

Answer: In our world there are scientists who reveal various laws, and there are those who then develop these laws in their technical application. In addition, there are people who by using these applications already build some kind of device, machine, and so on, i.e., they bring this law to everyday application.

It is the same in Kabbalah. There are researchers (I also belong to them) who on the one hand are engaged in research and trying to raise themselves above our nature and penetrate higher. On the other hand, according to the call of the time, they are engaged in bringing Kabbalistic knowledge to the level of beginners who want to study Kabbalah.

Today a Kabbalist is no longer one who once lived in isolation and made small corrections in the world through himself. Today a Kabbalist is a person who must grow both up and down: upward to attainment and downward to teaching.

Question: Therefore in our time, a Kabbalist cannot sit somewhere, isolated? He should convey this method to everyone?

Answer: Yes, we are trying to do this. This is the call of the time, without Kabbalah humanity will plunge into another dark period, and we must not allow this to happen.

Now Kabbalah is available to everyone. Everyone who wants must have access to it so that he has the opportunity to understand it correctly, easily, and pleasantly, to adapt to himself, to rise above this level, to find his real spiritual, eternal realization, and to attain the purpose of creation. In this a person will feel himself in absolute harmony.

Question: Is this what a Kabbalist asserts by knowing the roots and the purpose of creation?

Answer: Of course. The egoism of each person who is satisfied with the most simple things today will drive him to these questions anyway. He must reveal for himself the whole of creation.

Question: The current tendency in the world—where a person does not tolerate any limitations and wants to go out into space, into some other ranges—is this a sign of egoism that cannot be restrained?

Answer: Yes. But we will gradually see that the desire to break into space, to break into some kind of a journey, to just break in somewhere, does not satisfy us. We will start looking for deeper exits, how to get into the inner layers where we really feel ourselves in infinity.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. The Difference in Souls” 12/11/09

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