The Generation Of Playboys And Hedonists

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Olga N. Pavlova, psychoanalyst, philosopher, Head of the Department of General and Applied Psychology of the Moscow Institute of Analytical Psychology and Psychoanalysis):The millennial generation does not like responsibility; they are not erudite, they much prefer to use existing schemes, regulations, and guidelines; they do not like to make decisions.

“But they have many positive qualities; they are called the first generation of non-rebellious, who support an active friendship with their parents, from whom they do not tend to separate because they are dependent on mothers and fathers; they are not aggressive, careful, agreeable, smiling; they have no problems, they desire a comfortable life and security; they like a variety of games in the pursuit of pleasure, which produces an entire industry of gaming business for them.

“Sex becomes a kind of game, a prank without consequences, as modern medicine takes care of it; they want to have a family and children, but do not make a single step in that direction.

“Any work should be interesting for them; men travel a lot, are pleased to announce this to the world via social networks, to keep in touch and maintain admiration, which they need much of due to their narcissism.

“Thus, the young man runs around the world in search of himself on one hand and on the other hand – from himself. He replaces a proper understanding of himself with a PR campaign of himself and written responses online. Many of them are interested in any esoteric and pseudo-scientific information because they see themselves as mysterious. In general, they cause sympathy and are similar to those with Downs syndrome.

“It is impossible to correct their problems because they do not want to study or work and just want to hang around in social networks, they do not see their problems and ask to leave them alone. We cannot talk about any civic activity. This generation is outside the state policy.

“The real solution to the impasse is to take care of children’s education, to nurture independence in the growing child. It is very useful to separate children for independent living.”

My Comment: This generation is different; it was born to create a new single society for mutual unity above borders; it lacks the direction of development. Therefore, they are not willing to take the baton from their parents. Their entire internal structure corresponds to the new conditions in which our new world must exist, rising to its next degree: to a transition to the spiritual world.

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  1. I don’t see a generation of playboys and hedonist, but what I do see is that these behaviors have been here since the beginning of time. The desire is corporal, promoted by those who flock together with the same intent, nothing new. I see the desire like a copy of the previous generations….As I age I see how I contributed and contribute to what is manifest today, this is the only way to see our deficiencies, anx’s unresolved issues within. A mere projection of what you notice in your interpretation when looking out into the world. There go I, at one time or another or I wanted but never did resentments. A projection nothing more. divided we stand still as the film turns like a rerun, after awhile it becomes static in the background. I see humanity as it is, in kindergarden waiting for summer holidays to start. Just a thought

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