When This World Disappears

537Question: Olga writes: “I read somewhere or heard from you that the embryo in the womb sees its entire life from the beginning to the end. Is that so? And if so, then why does it lose these abilities later?”

Answer: This refers to a spiritual embryo, not to an ordinary one. Our embryo is no different than the embryo of animals. We are born just like animals. And gradually, if we develop, we develop perhaps into decent people and maybe even into spiritual people who feel the Creator.

Question: Let’s say that we develop as a spiritual embryo. So what does it mean that this spiritual embryo sees everything? What does it mean: “everything, from the beginning till the end”?

Answer: How it sees itself: where it is from, what it is, for what purpose. That is, it begins to see its entire path from beginning till end but on a very narrow scale. And it understands why it was born and exists in a spiritual form.

Question: And what is this, this end? What can I see if I am a spiritual embryo?

Answer: Complete adhesion with all souls and with the Creator. That is all. It is an ascent to the quality of bestowal, the quality of love, the quality of absolute connection with everyone, when the feeling of time, movement, that is, this whole world, ceases to be felt.

Question: At what point does a person become a spiritual embryo?

Answer: When one stops thinking about oneself.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/15/21

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