When Everything Is Explained To A Person From Above

209Question: If I myself, with my willpower, overcome some egoistic desire, is this not a screen yet?

Answer: This is not a screen, it is not overcoming egoism, but just calculating when with the help of a big desire you conquer a lesser one.

Question: Kabbalists write that the way out of the egoistic nature is possible only under the influence of the surrounding light (Ohr Makif). When reading Kabbalistic books, a person draws this force and it changes one’s nature.

How can I be sure that this is not my subjective, psychological attitude?

Answer: The fact is that you begin to understand what is written in the books, you reveal their internal content for yourself.

Question: So, there is some indicator that can show me that now I have risen above my egoism?

Answer: No. There are no indicators here, the person himself understands everything. This is explained to him from above.

Question: But is this still subjective?

Answer: Everything is subjective, since a person perceives this in one’s desires, egoistic, anti-egoistic, no matter what. Nevertheless, it is perceived by one.

Question: And there is no objective verification?

Answer: When he begins to compare his feelings with what is said in the books, he realizes that he is in the correct perception of the world.

Question: That is, if a person says that he has a screen (Masach), then no one can check it. Or are there any signs?

Answer: Yes. People who have similar qualities can feel and check it.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 8/20/21

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