The Screen Is An Opportunity To Sense The Spiritual World

232.05Question: The screen is an anti-egoistic force that a person acquires in the process of studying Kabbalah. How would you define it? Is it property, a feeling, some strength, a state?

Answer: The screen is the ability to feel the world outside, above our egoism. What we feel in our egoistic desire is called our world. What we can feel above it is called the upper world or the spiritual world.

By acquiring the screen, a person acquires the ability to abstract from his I, from his personal benefit. He begins to perceive everything around him in a completely different form, not related to himself, but as it really is. This is its advantage.

That is, he is no longer a slave of his desires and aspirations, and he does not engage in conscious and even subconscious calculations for his own benefit. He precisely sees the objective picture of the world.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 8/20/21

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