From Formation To Formation

962.1Comment: Throughout the entire development of humanity, two groups of people, the successful and the weaker ones, have been trying to reconcile, but nothing has come of it. The strong, of course, always succeed and the weak cannot. Accordingly, the strong come to power and use the weak. The legislation of all countries works for the strong without protecting the interests of the weak.

My Response: This leads to all sorts of revolutions and as a result the strong concede to the weak. Then the strong are forced to feed the weak and help them because if the weak rise, they will begin to destroy the strong. Therefore, all this is a double-edged sword.

Thus, society comes to a relatively balanced state. Naturally, if I was born in a rich and powerful family, then I have a different fate than someone who was born, even perhaps with better tendencies, in the family of a farm worker. There is still a lot that depends on different social conditions. However, in principle, a person fulfills himself, we can do nothing about this.

Therefore, in our world, in this plane, it is useless to look for justice. We will never have it here. We can invent all sorts of laws, but we will not change anything.

Look at the unfair laws we have: everyone has to work eight hours a day. But it is impossible to demand the same hours of work from each person.

If I am created by nature as agile, strong, and fast, I will do a million things in eight hours and earn a lot. And the other who is lazy and not very smart barely moves and will not earn his daily bread even in ten hours.

We must understand that nature created us different for some specific purpose and not for the exploitation of the weak by the strong.

Obviously, it is in the right combination with each other that we come to some common denominator, a common perfection. Moreover, the majority of people are not distinguished by a great mind, special qualities, or their sharpness.

Question: Why is there such an imbalance in the percentage ratio?

Answer: According to the pyramid of human society. At the bottom there is a more or less general mass, which by nature has small desires and needs and accordingly drive and everything else. At that, I do not mean the origin of a person because a stupid and lazy laggard can be born in a successful family.

I am talking about the power of desire, about abilities. Very few such people who are at the peak of the pyramid are born. When this small part begins to exploit a large mass, it turns out that on the one hand, they are stronger, but on the other hand, there are fewer of them.

This is where mutual dependence and mutual imbalance arise. How to bring all this to balance? All social theories are based on this. In this way, depending on the amount of egoism that is aroused in both the upper and lower parts of the pyramid, humanity moves from formation to formation.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Hope for Peace” 9/9/09

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