Let The Creator Leave Me Alone

293Comment: Alexey writes: “Michael, you once said this: “The one who is suffering, he is closer to the Creator than the one who is well.” I feel very bad, but I don’t feel that I am closer to the Creator. Conversely, let Him leave me alone, finally.”

My Response: This means, you are not suffering so much yet, dear Alexey. It means, you still have something to lose.

If you were in complete despair, then you would say: “I don’t need anything. Let it be the way the Creator does. I just want to be closer to Him.” And immediately everything bad is replaced by good.

Comment: But he has a feeling that he is suffering so much that he wishes that He would just “leave me alone.”

My Response: No, there is no crisis yet, no breakage.

Comment: And this turning point is happening exactly on the verge where the future is closed, everything is closed, I feel very bad?

My Response: So it seems to him in his egoism. Egoism should work inversely here and he would see a way out of his state, that in fact all this is done from the infinite kindness of the Creator.

Question: Is this why the Creator brings us “to the edge”?

Answer: Yes. So that we want to give up our egoism.

Question: Will humanity be brought to such a state or will we come to our senses earlier?

Answer: We must come to our senses very seriously. After all, the revelation of evil must happen completely. But it must be simultaneous with recognition! Recognition of evil! This is not just an evil that works in me, and in this way I decide to break away from it due to complete despair. It must be a conscious despair.

Comment: That is, we should come to our senses before it gets really bad? Because if you look at Prophets, what they wrote about today, it is better not to quote it.

My Response: Both yes and no. Because here it is necessary to add: everything that the prophets wrote is absolutely true. Undoubtedly. But all that they wrote we can feel not in physical action without entering into suffering, but thanks to our mind.

When we imagine such egoistic states and what they can lead us to, then we do not need to physically reach this. It’s like a smart child, you gave one slap and he understood everything and corrected himself. But without a slap, he will not understand, it will not awaken him to correctly understand the situation.

So we must correctly understand where and how we should add Kabbalah, awareness, and the dissemination of knowledge, so that even now, perhaps, from the slap that we receive, the whole of humanity feels and will still feel such an evil that it is necessary to rise above, otherwise it will be even worse. Because the wise man sees ahead. Then we will defeat the prophets, if I may say so.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/22/21

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