Ruach – A Spiritual Movement Of A Person

49.04Ruach provides Nefesh in this world (The Book of Zohar).

Ruach” in Hebrew means wind and spirit. That is, Ruach is a movement.

The spirit, breathing, the breath—all are associated with what is moving. On the Ruach step a person’s spiritual movement takes place. He feels such a connection with the upper that he begins to make some conscious movements, and thus enters into communication with him.

He already knows which of his actions will cause the reactions of the supreme. A dialogue arises between them. This baby begins to understand what is possible and what is not and how to react. He learns from an adult to be aware, to absorb everything into himself. And this absorption of signals, the sense of an adult, makes him like an adult.

Therefore, these movements are called”spirit—Ruach.

Question: It is written: “Ruach provides Nefesh in this world.” What does it mean when it says “in this world”?

Answer: In this world is the state we are in. Each level I am on is called “this world,” my world, my state.

In our world a king, a monarch, a rich man, or a famous person can say: “This is my world.” And the same thing can be said by a poor man or an unhappy prisoner. But for everyone, these are different worlds, i.e., the state in which he is.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #18

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