Everyone Has Their Own Place In Society

507.04In the article “Peace in the World” Baal HaSulam writes: But in truth, the naturally strong and nimble in society benefit from the labor of others and exploit them maliciously against the attribute of truth, for they labor very little compared to the weak and lazy in society.

This is how people serve each other: I serve the one who is above me, the one below serves me, and so on, according to the hierarchy.

The only problem is whether everyone is happy with their place. Does each understand that he has nowhere else to go and that it is better for him to be satisfied with it? After all, our body constantly requires filling. There is egoism inside it that cannot be placated because it is growing all the time and requires change. This constantly confuses us. I cannot stop at any level of development. This is the source of the problem.

Comment: Nature arranged it in such a way that there are strong, domineering personalities and weak ones who are only able to serve them. In principle, by their nature, they are not capable of anything else.

My Response: Each person has his own place in society, and we must agree with this. The fact is that everything is really established in us by nature, but we can use it in different ways. The fact that people are created unequal does not mean that some are better, others are worse, or that a better place is prepared in advance for some and for others it is the opposite.

It is necessary to use everyone correctly so that everyone understands their place and is satisfied with it. As the medieval Georgian poet Shota Rustaveli wrote: “Man, do not complain at fate. Be content and accept it. Let the warrior always be brave, let the worker enjoy his labor.”
Everyone has their own place.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Hope for Peace” 9/9/09

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