Crossing A Narrow Bridge

276.02It is written: “Know, that man must cross a very, very narrow bridge, and the rule and the most important thing is not to be afraid at all.” How can we have only faith and no fear at all?

We need to cross a narrow bridge over the abyss while holding on to each other’s hands. It turns out that everyone depends on everyone. This is how we move from the degree of Malchut to the degree of Bina.

If we want help from above from the Creator, we must turn to Him with a prayer called raising MAN—our request. The help from above is called MAD.

Each one looks at the one walking in front of him. It is such a narrow bridge that I cannot see anything except the friend walking in front of me. Therefore, we must all be connected with each other and aimed at the Creator in order to feel how He leads us all. Then, in this chain, we will move from one side of the abyss to the other, from Malchut to Bina.

Malchut is called this world, which we now feel egoistically, and Bina is called the next world, which exists according to the law of bestowal. Therefore, it is clear that the next world exists everywhere and is not revealed after a person dies. After death, there is nothing: the animalistic body dies and decomposes, nothing remains. But during this life, we have the opportunity to enter the true next world, the quality of bestowal, the quality of the Creator.

Not to be afraid at all means seeing the Creator before us who creates difficulties for us in order to teach us to walk, like parents teach a baby to take the first steps.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/23/21, “Preparing to Attack at the Congress”

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