Connection Between The Light, The Creator, And A Person

600.01Question: To build a Sukkah means to build a Kli (vessel), and to cover a Sukkah with a roof means to make your desires ready to receive the light. What does it mean to receive the light? What is the connection between the light, the Creator, and the people who I suddenly begin to treat well?

Answer: Our souls are our desires. Only when they are corrected by altruistic intentions are they filled with the upper light, upper energy. In this way, we begin to feel the Creator who is inside us in our correct intentions.

The upper light or the Creator enters into us and fills us according to the measure of equivalence with Him that we reach.

When several people build correct communication between them according to clear laws, the feelings of mutual bestowal and mutual love begin to reveal themselves in this connection. And in them, since they are correct, that is, they are directed not for one’s egoist self, but for the benefit of others, we feel the quality of the Creator according to our equivalence to Him.

This quality of emanation and integration exists in nature, but in order to feel it, we build a suitable receiver within ourselves. If I create the conditions of bestowal and love within myself, then the field of bestowal and love that exists around me manifests within me, that is, a field of the same orientation is induced.

The Creator constantly sends us information through the inanimate, vegetative, and animalistic nature and, of course, through other people, but we simply do not recognize it.

Through every interaction with any person, the Creator wants to tell me something, but I cannot decipher it because I am on a different wavelength from Him, in different qualities.

This is not easy to implement, but the law is very simple, purely physical, like the law of induction [Faraday’s law] in our world. All radios and all receivers, in general, are built on the principle of similarity. The entire universe operates on this principle.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 10/7/19

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