Ushpizin—Degrees Of The Upper Light

562.01Comment: Our soul consists of ten Sefirot. The first three Sefirot belong to the head where we make decisions and the other seven to the body where we receive pleasure from adhesion with the upper force that is revealed in the connection between us.

These seven Sefirot, i.e., the seven days of Sukkot, represent the Ushpizin: the seven sages from Abraham to David whom we invite to visit.

My Response: This is about the seven degrees of descent of the upper light: Hessed, Gevurah, Tifferet, Netzach, Hod, Yessod, and Malchut. They descend to us from the head: Keter, Hochma, and Bina.

We must present ourselves in such a way that these upper lights enter the corrected soul and are assembled in the correct form from the shattered pieces of the common soul. If we assemble them, then the upper light can enter and fill them.

Comment: Allegorically, it is said that every evening we invite a guest.

My Response: By guests we mean special lights, the upper fillings of our soul. Hessed, Gevurah, and Tifferet are Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. And so on. Kabbalists have never associated them with any personalities because these are specific qualities in a person.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 10/7/19

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