The Desire That Burns The Stone

Dr. Michael LaitmanSpiritual work, the revelation of successive movements, one by one, from the “minus” (what I lack) to the “plus” (the one who can help me) is not easy at all. It seems irrational from the outside. No matter how much we advance, we always forget about that because our egoistic feelings and mind are not built on this principle.

Everything is arranged differently in spirituality. I make efforts and find a completely different place. I get disappointed, reach total despair, and the moment after that, if I do not run away, then I find. And I find something that I absolutely did not expect and didn’t think that this should get.

The spiritual world that we discover has no analogue in our world. A tiny hole like the eye of a needle opens, like a small pupil in our eye, a focused view that requires nothing else. And through it, we break into a new world!

The Creator, the Light of Hochma (Wisdom), opens this hole, and we expand it. This hole is created by everyone compressing their egoism to zero, and all our points in the heart connect together. Having united, these points burn the wall, the boundary between us and the spiritual world. If they unite, they turn into the point through which we enter the spiritual world.

This is why we have gathered here to try to achieve this condition when “Israel, the Torah, and the Creator” join together. It is necessary that everyone reaches the same frequency and sways together, everyone with only one thought, the unity of our points in the heart, above our ego, above this corporeal life.

We have the right to forget about this corporeal life once for 24 hours, disconnect from all the worries, and wait for the upper force that sustains this life to come and meet us. By our desire, we will force it to get closer to us.
From Lesson 2, Arvut Convention at the Arava Desert 11/18/2011

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