A Narrow Bridge Between The Worlds

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere is no higher state than self-annulment, the annulment of the ego, of all our private thoughts and desires, of our previous attitude, of all our plans, goals, and expectations. It is a total annulment of my “Self,” as if I have never existed, don’t exist now, and will not exist in the future.

Everything that is in me, even the spark, the drop I have to be born from, also belongs to the upper one and not to me since it comes from Him. I have to annul myself to such an extent that this drop, from which I now begin to develop, will also be a drop of the Light that doesn’t belong to me either. It is hard to imagine, but in fact, entering spirituality is when a person totally neutralizes himself. Then the only thing that goes from the bottom up is the spark that he doesn’t attribute to himself either.

Hence the work on self-annulment is mandatory here. After the Machsom (barrier), we already begin to work with the desire to receive differently from the way we did below the Machsom, during the time of preparation. Thus a person begins to grow in the spiritual world, and he grows from one moment to the next by increasingly annulling himself. Above this annulment he works with his desire for the sake of others, which is more exalted than simple self-annulment. Here he demands full adhesion with the other and the ability to care for him out of love built above the hate.

It is the first spiritual state in which we transcend from one world to another, it’s total self-annulment done by the Light that Reforms.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/22/13, The Zohar 

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