Why Do Good Intentions Not Lead To Anything Good?

273.02Comment: It has been said that a Kabbalist can make corrections to the world with his thoughts and desires and can have a positive impact on the general universe. And the rest of the people who do not understand only destroy everything with their good deeds and charity.

It is strange enough for a person to hear that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

My Response: Do we really not see that all these good intentions and impulses do not lead to anything good?

In principle, any of the actions we perform while uncorrected, no matter how beautiful, noble, with understanding, with love, giving to others, they seem, they are still selfish, they still imply some kind of benefit for ourselves.

Despite the fact that everything looks very positive from the outside: people go to hospitals, help the sick, pensioners, donate a lot of money to charity, fight for cleanliness, for the environment, even give their lives for their homeland, such actions do not lead to a better world.

The question is: Does our world deteriorate faster as we try to fix and improve it in this way or do our actions themselves simply not lead to any good?

Let’s say we help Africa and by this, according to statistics, hunger and unemployment increases there, and the number of people who no longer think about anything but sit, do nothing, and live on welfare increases.

First of all, man is satisfied with little and does not want to develop. Second, these seemingly good deeds actually spoil us. Because we are selfish! By developing such systems of public assistance, we actually are killing the desire to improve, the desire to act, in people.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Universal Law” 9/30/09

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