The Law Of The Universe

712.03Question: According to Kabbalah, the universe is governed by the law Kabbalists define as “The Good Who does Good.” This is somewhat strange to hear in the realm of our modern life. It begs the question: Where is this good?

Answer: The good is not in us at all, we are the opposite of good.

Kabbalah says that the world around us is a huge universe that we do not even feel. It is something voluminous, almost infinite. This is not even our universe, but a much deeper, constituent volume, overflowing with all kinds of connections and forces, in which we exist.

From this volume, we detect only what we call our world, our universe, our Earth, our life, down to ourselves, so tiny. The system of forces, connections, management, and qualities, which are built on absolute bestowal, absolute love, and on the absolute interaction of all parts with each other is hidden from us.

This system functions the same way as our body, which is built on the integral participation of all its parts in the overall life of the organism, and therefore each particle gives everything for its vital functioning. Thanks to this, the body and any organ in it exist.

Without this integral positive dependence of all the parts affecting each other and supporting the overall life of the organism, the body could not exist. All parts have only one task: to support the life of the body. If some part fails and stops thinking about the general system of the body, it is called disease. If a good relationship is destroyed in the body altogether, then this leads to death.

This is how the entire universe is organized; it functions at the level of thought, at the level of consciousness, and not at the animate level like our body is. We are the opposite of this thought, this law of love.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Universal Law” 9/30/09

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