Feel Two Worlds At The Same Time

293Question: Why is a Kabbalist given the ability to feel two worlds at the same time: the corporeal and the spiritual? Why does he need it?

Answer: Any person has this ability: men, women, regardless of nationality, race, and origin. You just need to develop it within yourself.

People who are drawn to this, develop the quality of bestowal and love within themselves, and as it develops, they begin to feel this quality outside of themselves according to the law of equivalence of form. In this way, they reveal the upper world, the external universe, and feel that they exist in two worlds at the same time.

Question: Then why do we need the five physical sensory organs?

Answer: The physical sensory organs continue to exist until a person fully exits into the general universe, until he develops spiritual senses in himself. When he completely corrects all his egoistic qualities to the quality of bestowal, then his five earthly sensory organs will disappear. They will as if disappear; they will finally be transformed into the quality of bestowal.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Universal Law” 9/30/09

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