Great Help Of The Creator

962.1Question: You said that there is no holiness either in stones or in trees. That is, there is no holiness in the erected Temple either, but there is holiness in a man?

Answer: Holiness is not a temple, not some physical place or structure, but something that we create from our senses. This is a sensory structure that we constantly support between ourselves.

Comment: You also said that there is no need to cry on the 9th of Av, because Jewish dates symbolize spiritual actions.

My Response: The 9th of Av exists so that we understand that this is the day of the revelation of the evil created by the Creator. He said: “I created evil, egoism between you, and you must rise above it. It is thanks to the constantly growing egoism that by rising above it, you will reach Me.”

Therefore, we need to understand that the revelation of evil between us, which personifies the 9th of Av, is the Creator’s great help for our ascent.

Question: Is it like the disclosure of a disease, when a man realizes that he needs to see a doctor?

Answer: Yes, it is a prerequisite for recovery.

We must strive not for the revelation of evil, but for the revelation of good. And then, if necessary, on the way we will reveal the evil that exists between us—mutual alienation, hatred, and rejection from each other, and we will be able to get over them. But only by positively striving for connection with each other. As it is written, “Love covers all crimes.”
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States”

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