One Should Think, Not Cry On The 9 Of Av

Laitman_017.01The division took place in two stages, the First Temple and the Second Temple, until it reached its full measure. And now it is already possible to come to the construction of the Third Temple, that is, the state that we build on the basis of the past destruction and thereby achieve the correction of all reality, the whole world. This is the challenge we face today.

The 9th of Av symbolizes a special date on the calendar that reflects the spiritual root of the passed breakdowns: the collapse of the First Temple and the Second Temple. This division spread from top to bottom, and today we are at the very foot of this staircase, so the First Temple was higher than the Second.

The First Temple was at the level of the light of Chaya, very high, and the Second Temple was much lower, at the level of the light of Neshama. We had to go through this fall, the collapse of the First Temple and then the collapse of the Second Temple, to a complete loss of the spiritual. And this is so that today we can rise, correct these broken spiritual genes (Reshimot), and build the Third Temple.

Of course, we do not build it ourselves, but only clarify this state and raise the broken Reshimot, and then the light comes, which builds a spiritual vessel called the Third Temple.

Since the 9th of Av symbolizes the destruction of the Temple, this day is considered a day of mourning. But this does not mean that you have to sit and cry. First of all, we need to think in order to understand what is happening and why we have to grieve. This day comes in order for us to learn from it how to restore our house of holiness, our soul, in a corrected state, filled with the revelation of the Creator.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/29/20, “Tishaa BeAv (Ninth of Av)”

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