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528.02Question: There is a well-known phenomenon in physics regarding the effects of a nuclear explosion. I do not exactly know the process, but when two protons with the same charge are connected, they repel each other. And if you apply a certain force, overcome some barrier, and connect them, then an explosion occurs and energy is released.

The same thing happens to people. Trying to unite with each other, at first there is rejection between them, but if they overcome this barrier, they begin to unite and energy is released. What is this energy?

Answer: This is spiritual energy. If people overcome selfishness, mutual rejection and try to get closer to each other, then this is a completely different state. They begin to regenerate between them, to equip the higher world, the higher relations, the property of bestowal.

These are not the attraction and repulsion that exist in our physical world, but the properties of attraction that we must create over our negative, egoistic properties. There is one property in every person—what is considered egoism, that is, the desire to please oneself—which can be satisfied either by rapprochement, or rejection from something, to something, and so on.

If we try to create the property of love in ourselves over the properties of egoism, then we begin to feel how it is possible to exist in the property of love. This existence is called the property of the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 7/2/21

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