Connection Above Rejection

232.08Question: You always say “Love will cover all crimes.” That is, we are talking about the fact that first there was the Ninth of Av, destruction, separation, and the next stage is already connection. What crimes are we talking about that we should cover by love?

Answer: About the evil that is in our every desire. However, an ordinary person does not even feel this. This is the problem.

If he begins to examine himself correctly, he will see that in all his thoughts and actions there is only one desire, to receive, to acquire, to possess, to rise relative to others.

Question: There must be some kind of standard, regarding which I constantly check myself. Let’s say that this standard is the Creator. However, until He is revealed, I will not be able to understand what is evil in me, what should I correct, right?

Answer: The Creator is revealed gradually. In this measure, we begin to feel how much evil there is still within us.

Question: You said that in the spiritual world there is no difference between love for a man and love for a woman. What is that about?

Answer: It is about connection above separation, above rejection between us. Mutual rejection is called hatred, and mutual attraction for the sake of reaching the revelation of the Creator in order to bring Him contentment is called love.

Question: Does it mean that spiritual work is the same for men and women?

Answer: Yes, gender differences do not matter at all.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States”

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