Why Do We Need The Torah?

275Question: At what point do we begin to pass the spiritual instruction, the Torah, through ourselves ?

Answer: The Torah is the system of correct interaction of all parts of creation (inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human) and brings them to a certain mutual connection. That is, the Torah is the implementation of the correction of the system of interaction between broken parts of creation, broken desires, broken souls.

Question: Do I begin to study the Torah the moment the desire to get out of the broken state to the state of unity awakens in me?

Answer: Yes, and before that there is absolutely no need for it. For many thousands of years mankind has existed in such a state where the Torah was completely unnecessary and to this day many do not need it.

The period from receiving the Torah to entering the land of Israel is a period of unconscious correction, like a child who first crawls on all fours and then learns to walk, all mankind learned to eat, drink, build, and develop.

The egoistic desire that exists in an individual naturally, automatically moves him, and he does not need any Torah, a system of artificial knowledge and actions, since he will receive either reward or punishment directly from nature in response to his actions. They will teach him in such a simple and concise way.

But when we come to the state that we must consciously come into contact with the laws of nature, then we need to know them in order to fulfill them consciously. We begin to feel that if we do them selfishly, as before, then we will suffer greatly from this.

In our time, humanity is revealing its depravity, which can lead us to such suffering where we just eat each other. That is why the Torah is revealed.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/19/21

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