To Create Good Connections

571.03Question: If I do not cultivate an altruistic intention, if I do not unite within myself, do I enter a state of war? With whom should I unite: to unite my desires within myself or to unite with other people?

Answer: You must unite with the whole nation so that no other impulses arise in you, either on the level of the Greeks or even more so on the level of the Romans. Because “Greeks” and “Romans” are two egoistic qualities that clearly arise in a person.

Question: Why is it not enough just to fight and correct your inner desires? Why should I also connect with some other people I see around me?

Answer: The goal of the development of humanity is that everyone develops individually as high as possible relative to others, and at the same time that he connects from this individuality with the rest in the bonds of love, mutual assistance, and connection.

Question: If I am engaged in my own correction, is it not enough for me to just sit and correct my desires?

Answer: To correct how? What will your correction consist of? That you will be bound to others of your own kind above your own egoism, which alienates you from them.

Question: So if I don’t do it or don’t do it enough, then another mechanism is activated and the external desires of the “Greeks” and “Romans” are manifested and start the war?

Answer: Yes, to help you overcome your laziness and still join the fight.

Question: How does this mechanism work when an external force suddenly turns on and an external war begins?

Answer: Very simply. Imagine an air conditioner or an electric stove where you set a certain temperature level and the thermostat automatically turns on. In our case, this automaton is called the “central force of nature,” which develops us, and at each moment we must reach certain contacts with each other.

Humanity develops on inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels in such a way that it creates mutual contacts between themselves: industrial, commercial, and so on. This is the material development of our civilization.

But for the development of a sensorial, internal connection, in friendship up to love, as it is said: “love your neighbor as yourself,” here it is already necessary to have a clear participation of the people themselves in mutual assistance to each other, so that they can really rise from the level of mutual hatred to the level of love. It’s very difficult.

Then an additional mechanism of nature is activated here that shows people how much they immerse in suffering if they are not engaged in creating good connections.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/14/21

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