The Salvation Of The World Is In Monarchy

273.02Comment: Scandal continues in France. Twenty generals have written a letter to Macron saying that France is nearing civil war, that there are enclaves in the country that cannot be entered, that they have laws of their own, that extreme Islam is appearing more and more, and in principle, two states exist in France. The feeling is that a civil war approaching.

My Response: The approach of civil war is felt all over the world, in all countries. There are huge oppositions, and all countries are split in two or three fractions.

Question: Can governments impose drastic measures today? For example, there are indeed enclaves in France that cannot be entered and have their own law. The same situation exists in Belgium and Denmark.

Answer: No, they cannot. Because there is no king, there is no single authority. There is no person who would say: “The state is me.” Now you can see how necessary this is. And no one can say anything against it!

Question: So you think there should be such a monarch, with such upbringing?

Answer: Yes, with such upbringing, but they have all disappeared.

Question: So we need such a monarch who would say: “This is mine, this is my house, these are my people, my citizens”?

Answer: Yes. That is: “This is me!” This is a marvelous effect of the single upper force in our world. But such a person cannot appear. He must be accepted by everyone unconditionally. He must have “lesse passé“—a certification that he is God’s viceroy. This is how it used to be!

Comment: That is wonderful. I feel that then everything would be settled. But that was before and today it is unrealistic.

My Response: It is all about the world coming to this state on its own. Not from above, but on its own.

Comment: I feel that this word “democracy” has destroyed some cornerstones and foundations.

My Response: Democracy cannot exist by nature because people are all different, different from each other. Therefore, there can be no equality. It has to grow precisely from inequality when people understand that they are not equal and compensate for this inequality together. And in this way, democracy will grow. This is the democratic future. A real one, not the one we have today.

No person is equal to another one; everyone is different in some way. This is the first thing.

Second, no man feels that he should be equal to anyone. Everyone feels greater, higher, more valuable than others. Therefore, here we need a special methodology by which we consciously identify ourselves with each other. I do not want to be higher than others, and I do not want to be lower than others; we have to bring ourselves to equality. But this must be done consciously, so much so that this is exactly what I want. Nothing else! Only then can there be peace and happiness on Earth.

Question: When will I reach such consciousness? It is a very high insight.

Answer: Yes, but nobody cultivates it, nobody disseminates it, nobody teaches it. Huge educational work is needed here.

Comment: That is, we raise children: “Be stronger! Be higher, be better than others!”

My Response: What for? To be stronger, higher, and better, why? So that you can show everyone how to be equal. Because it does not destroy your individuality.

Question: What does it mean to show others how to be equal? What do I have to say, to show?

Answer: That you really want to see everyone as equal. In everything.

Question: And this is what I am given talents for?

Answer: Everything you do is just to create equality among all. Of course, this is all beautiful, and communists and socialists have already tried it.

Question: Was the foundation wrong?

Answer: Of course! You cannot do that without correcting your egoism. You need to raise a person who would understand: do not beat others, but educate yourself and others. It is not easy at all.

Question: It is not easy. That is, a person, one way or another, has to realize that he is an egoist?

Answer: Through the realization of evil. But there is hope, because the world is moving toward the realization of evil. Will it not come after a serious world war, a catastrophe?

Let us wait and see.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/10/21

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