The Highest Level Of Attainment

276.02The upper force manages all of nature, it is nature itself because the Creator is nature. Mind and intelligence are His highest component and He manages everything from this level.

When I say that I want to discover and to know the meaning of life, the meaning of my existence, the upper force that created me and manages everything, it means that I want to attain the Creator’s mind, His thoughts, capabilities, intentions, and plans. This is what I need in life.

So attaining the upper mind is most essential for me because otherwise I am under His absolute control. I can close my eyes, advance calmly, and let Him continue to manage me this way, but then I will not be able to participate in managing my life in any way and will not be able to change it.

The goal and plan of attaining the upper mind enable me to raise myself to this level, to enter my personal providence, and to intervene in what He does with me. Could it be that this is actually what He wants? I will be able to be His partner and to manage myself the way He manages me. I will finally be able to understand what He wants of me, why He calls me, why He pulls me and pushes me. I will finally be able to understand His attitude toward me.

Everything we experience internally and externally is invoked by Him, and I want to know for what purpose and how I should act. I may be able to perceive myself, the world, life, and other goals, everything, in a totally different way. I may be able to ascend to the infinite level of eternity and other special opportunities by attaining the mind of the upper. That is, attaining the thought of creation should solve all my problems.

This is the reason that we should yearn for it. Let’s try and reveal what we can acquire and the extent to which we can change ourselves and our fate.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 4/21/19

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