Attaining The Creator

294.4Question: What is the difference between the feeling that the Creator manages me and the feeling that only He manages me?

Answer: As we approach the Creator, we must constantly aim ourselves to this unique creative force— “There is none else besides Him”—and only with it to solidarize and attribute everything to it.

If we do this, we will eventually be able to actually begin to perceive everything around us as the outcome of the one unique force, which means to perceive Him through all of its different opposite outcomes.

As a result of the infinite revelations of the Creator, we will begin to feel Him as the force behind everything. This means that the attainment of the Creator as the one and unique happens thanks to the fact that we perceive Him as present in all the different attributes, forces, and opposite actions.

Question: And at the same time the one who perceives remains?

Answer: Of course. A person does not disappear in any way, and this is its uniqueness: it was created this way, so that when one attains the Creator he will become equivalent to Him. This is the reason that he does not disappear in any way, and does not destroy or annul himself. To the extent that he can increase the Creator and see His unity in all the opposite revelations of nature and of ourselves, a person can become similar to, equivalent to the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 1/27/19

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