Quality Of “Haman”

177.06Question: What is the connection between “Oznei Haman” (ears of Haman) and “Kisim Haman” (pockets of Haman).

Answer: The ears of Haman symbolize the property of Bina, which works for Malchut (egoism) when we are ready to give something for the sake of our own fulfillment. This is such a sophisticated egoism: giving for the sake of receiving. I am ready to give something in order to get more.

And the pockets of Haman are already purely egoistic desires that I want to fulfill.

The property of Haman works in us very intelligently. Haman says that there are people who create many problems for us and we do not know what to do. He wants to overthrow the king, etc. That is, he uses the properties of Bina, the properties of bestowal. He supposedly wants to do good. And therefore, he believes that these people must be destroyed.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States”

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