In Wars With Myself

514.02Moses personifies the property of mercy in us, the force that arises in a person and helps him realize his mandatory spiritual elevation.

And Joshua Ben Nun in us means the continuation of struggling with our egoism. But a person has already crossed to the other side and is more or less accustomed to the property of bestowal and love, agrees with it, and understands how to be connected with others.

He enters the battle, knows how to nullify egoism and use it. This is called that he develops the land of Israel. The earth (Eretz) means desire. Israel (Yashar-El) means directed toward the Creator. Therefore, Eretz Yisrael means desires directed toward the Creator.

Everything that the people of Moses have been preparing for, Joshua the conqueror is now practically teaching them.

Question: Did the formation of the soul as such take place in the land of Israel?

Answer: No, it was still in its infancy while leaving Egypt, receiving the Torah, traveling (preparing) for forty years in the desert, and now, when crossing the River Jordan.

Question: In principle, are we talking about the human soul?

Answer: Yes. These are egoistic properties that we must go through in this form, in wars with ourselves, each one of us and all of us together.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 6/11/21

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