Physical Manifestation Of Ideological Wars

294.2Question: The Jews had to constantly fight for connection. But why, even if we look at what is written in the Torah, did they first fight with external enemies, and then began to fight against each other and with those Jews who accepted Hellenism?

Answer: All the Jewish wars were between the original representatives of the Jews and those who wanted to break away from this nation and preach other values but also remain part of them.

They wanted to convince the entire nation that the new values that the Hellenes or the Romans carry are correct. Supporters of the observance of true national values rebelled against them. Wars were fought between them.

There were practically no serious wars between Jews and Romans and Jews and Greeks. To a certain degree, they happened later, and more with the Romans than with the Greeks.

The confrontation that consumed the entire country greatly bothered the Romans who did not know what to do with it, and therefore, sent their representatives, governors, up to the point that they were forced to send troops.

Question: It turns out that the conflicts within the nation caused a kind of response from the upper force, which was manifested precisely in the fact that the Greeks and Romans came here and did their job.

If we transfer this to the internal war, then can we say that the “Greeks” are my desires?

Answer: All that a person is made of is his desires. They are all egoistic and are divided into several degrees. One of these degrees is called “Romans,” the other one “Greeks,” and so on.

If you, as a Jew, do not cope with them, then you become under their control and enter a state of war. You are forced to destroy them, and they destroy you until you get a certain result from these clashes.

That is, those wars that you cannot fight internally within yourself, ideologically, you will have to fight outside of yourself, physically.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/14/21

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