Come, Feel, And Achieve

509Comment: In all Kabbalistic sources, two forces are always considered, for example, Haman and Mordecai, Moses and Pharaoh, etc.

My Response: There is nothing else in nature but plus and a minus.

Question: In principle, can we describe this simply in terms of the interaction of two forces?

Answer: No, you cannot describe it as two physical forces. Between them there are many possible actions, conditions that cannot be revealed, and therefore they cannot be described in any other way than allegorically, in the images of our world. You cannot take plus and a minus and say, “This is how they approach each other, this is how they move away…”

Therefore, Kabbalah uses the language of our world to explain all the problems of our correction to people. When a person begins to correct himself, he feels these qualities, but try to ask him: “What do you feel?”—he has nothing to say. It is because he feels the forces and can only explain them in their embodiment in our world. This is the problem.

The main thing is that we go through this, feel this, and achieve this.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States”

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