Who Is Behind The Image Of The King?

632.1In the story of Purim, there is a character King Ahasuerus, who sometimes interacts with the positive force (Mordechai) and sometimes with the negative force (Aman). And it is not clear who he is with because the Creator, personified by the King, is represented in a double form.

On one hand, the entire creation is egoistic and whoever has more power rules the world. Therefore, we cannot say that the Creator is good and does good. In what way is He good? What good does He do? It would be better if He did not exist, then there would be no evil. This is Ahasuerus.

On the other hand, it is still the Creator, because He secretly, hiding behind the King’s image, pushes all of humanity toward a good goal.

The problem is that the Creator is the absolutely good and benevolent force that exists by itself. It does not need any other kind of force, any other foundation for its existence. And the creatures were created as negative, opposite to the Creator, in order to differ from Him and not to dissolve in Him, because then they would not have any identity.

It follows that it is impossible to create creations other than being different from the Creator. And if the Creator is absolutely good, then the creation must be different to the point of absolute evil.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States”

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