In Order To Live, One Must Die?

79.01Comment: There is a tradition in Thailand: in order to start a new life without problems and stress, you must go to the temple and arrange your own symbolic funeral. People take flowers, lie down in the coffin, they are covered with a sheet, and prayers are read. First, you have to lie down with your head toward the west, then turn around in the other direction. It costs a trifle—three and a half dollars—only for candles.

During the pandemic, it was a massive ritual because people would come. And after that, they said: “I have come to life. I have started to live.” That’s it! Depression went away, all states disappeared.

Please explain this paradox to me: in order to live, you must die.

My Response: That is correct. Then a person looks at life differently. If he psychologically experiences his alleged death and leaves this current course of life, then he looks at his new life differently.

Question: That is, you really need to immerse into this dramatic situation, really experience it like this? And then you start to live.

Is that why it is so nice in cemeteries? That is, when you walk through a cemetery, or sit there on a bench, look around. You think: how beautiful everything in this world is! Someone was suffering because his car was scratched, someone because his neighbor yelled at him. And all of a sudden, it all comes down to this.

Answer: What you are saying was written in a tractate which is probably 4,000 years old. It is written there that a person who wants to realize himself in a new way should go to the cemetery and sit on a stone. So, this is correct.

I would organize collective guided tours there. And I would seat our government down there for it to think and solve some issues, and some other groups of population.

Question: To ponder upon how perishable life is?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/29/21

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