Create A Single Field Of Love

931.02Question: The Kabbalists have a saying: “He Is One and His Name, One.” Is this a state or a law?

Answer: “He Is One and His Name, One” means that the Creator manifests in His name. And His name is a state where a lot of people (a ten or more) can connect, coordinate, and consolidate with each other in such a way that they will represent one single whole in terms of bestowing and supporting each other. In such a single field, the global force of this field, called the Creator, will manifest itself.

The Creator himself is concealed. This phenomenon cannot be detected but only through the sensor that is a gathering of people connected in a way as to form such a field in common bestowal, in common love, in common good relationship. That is what is called: “A field that the Lord has blessed.” And then He manifests Himself in this field.

Like, for example, we have a lot of bacteria on our hands, but we don’t see them. And if we take a microscope, we can see. It is the same here.

Question: So there are some connections between us, but they are hidden from us?

Answer: There are connections between people, but these connections are bad. They are not like the quality of the Creator, the quality of bestowal and love, and therefore, the Creator is concealed. We conceal Him with our wrong relationships.

Question: By nature, I want to receive, I was created this way. And even if I give, it is in order to receive. Is this the wrong connection?

Answer: This connection is natural, we were born with it. It is called egoism. And we must gradually change it to another connection, the opposite of it.

Question: And what should I do?

Answer: Think about others and about the connection between us so that this connection is predominant, main, defining. And then we will begin to feel the Creator in it.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/25/21

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