Advancement By Overcoming

242The spiritual path requires us to advance by overcoming. But what exactly do you need to overcome?—obstacles that the Creator positions in front of us every moment. And He does not want to obstruct us, but on the contrary, He helps like a parent helps a child who gives the child work in order to become stronger and smarter, to understand how this world works and use it for good.

So, we grow and develop like a child, and we see that everything is given to us only for the purpose of correction because this is the form of progress. With each overcoming, we advance and slightly close the huge gap that separates this world from the spiritual world.

Love will cover all crimes.” If we attribute everything to the Creator, including our overcoming, we will move forward. Sometimes we are overwhelmed by fear and sometimes we are confused by the lack of understanding of the path and of ourselves. But we must understand that everything comes from the same source, from the Creator, and by relating everything to Him, I close the gap that separates me from Him and move forward.

The main thing is to reduce the distance between me and my friends because this is the most difficult and most genuine of all we have in this world. Therefore, by eliminating this distance, we will come to the revelation of the Creator.

Overcoming can be in everything. The main thing is to bring it to the Creator, to turn to Him for healing. I get up in the morning confused, not understanding anything, not remembering, not knowing what to do, in a complete fog. But I have already taught myself that everything comes from the Creator. It turns out that from the very morning I have been granted help from above, and with this help, I move forward.

It is said: “Each day they will be as new in your eyes,” that is, every day man is a new creation. It turns out that if today I cannot take anything from yesterday, as a new blank sheet, then this is good. I have to start all over again.

Everything that happens to us is an invitation to come closer to the Creator and thereby correct the state. First of all, it is necessary to relate everything to the Creator because there is nothing but one upper force. There can be a problem with health, in the family, in the world, no matter what, the main thing is to relate everything to the Creator, not in order to throw everything on Him and get rid of it, but because of the desire to get closer to the truth.

As it is sung in the song: “Let us get up tomorrow morning with a new song in our hearts,” with an even stronger connection between us, not just to continue from yesterday, but to examine the fact that maybe yesterday it was not so important for me, but today, I want to rise to a new degree, to a new state, to a new style of connection between us in the ten and with the Creator.

I don’t want to engage in what happened yesterday and look back like Lot’s wife who turned into a pillar of salt. I want to advance every day through overcoming.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/18/21, “Advance By Overcoming”

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