Runs Away Looking Back

527.03Baal HaSulam, Shamati 3: May we merit receiving His light and following the ways of the Creator, and to serve Him not in order to receive reward but to give contentment to the Creator…. Whose desire should it be: ours, the Creator’s, or the common desire of both together?

The desire of the upper force determines what we want. And we raise the prayer from below at our own desire, in order to awaken the desire from above. And so we begin to connect through our desires, so that from the state of separation we can both mutually return to the connection, to the revelation.

So when it says: “Let there be desire” means not only that we lack the desire to cling to the Creator, but also that we need to awaken the desire of the upper to act on us.

It is said, “Make your desire as His desire.” That is, we need to awaken a great desire among us to reveal the Creator, to come closer and merge with Him. And then, by turning to Him, we awaken the desire from above.

Therefore, if the desire from above is awakened, it means that our desire is correct and ready to connect with the Creator. And if I am not yet able to connect with the Creator because I do not have a special upper light that contributes to connection shining on me, then my desire does not yet sufficiently awaken the desire of the Creator.

The Creator awakens our desire a little and wants us to awaken Him in return. So we say that He is hiding and wants us to run after Him, to pursue Him. The Creator is like a deer that runs away from a person, and he constantly looks back, checking whether the one who is chasing him has not fallen behind.

Therefore, if the desire to approach the Creator is awakened in a person, then it is obvious that the Creator was the first to awaken. It was not we who awakened the Creator, but He who awoke before us. And if we suffer because we have not yet united with Him, it means that He has suffered even before us and many times more to the extent that His all-encompassing height is higher than our private, broken degree.

Therefore, you should always pray: “And let there be a desire that we may be honored to receive His light and walk in the ways of the Creator, and raise the Shechina from the dust, that is, to awaken all souls and to be honored to merge with the Creator, so that the Creator may reveal Himself to His creations.” We want the Creator to be revealed to all souls as they unite all together and bring Him contentment.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/5/21, “Chasing the Shechina

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