Making A Covenant With The Creator

228Question: What does it mean to make a covenant with the Creator? What covenant we are talking about?

Answer: Covenant means that we already have mutual conditions that say in my aspiration what I commit myself to do for the sake of the Creator, and I ask the Creator to help me be able to realize my qualities, my aspirations, for bestowal and love, for adhesion with Him.

Question: Can we say that a person is doing some actions for connection in the group? At first, of course, this happens without any feelings, and then when a person receives the quality of bestowal, he already begins to feel spirituality, which is called we shall hear, and enters a state of equivalence of form with the Creator. Is this already called a covenant at some minimum level?

Answer: Yes. But first, he simply performs actions with his eyes closed, without any obligations and reaches a state where actions for the sake of the Creator become the meaning of his existence.

Question: Does it matter, whether or not he feels good about it?

Answer: It does not matter what he feels, what he assumes, or what he will have in the future. That is, there is no time, no space, nothing! Only the maximum good influence from him to the Creator through people—not directly to the Creator, but through people. This is what he wants to implement.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/9/21

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