The Cave Is Both A Protector And A Guardian

702.01Question: It is interesting that a cave is a special place in the earth where you can live. But, in principle, it is impossible to live in the earth.

From the point of view of Kabbalah, the earth is Ratzon, desire, and there is no life there. And suddenly, it turns out that there is a place in the earth where you can live. What is it?

Answer: Nature (naturally) or man (artificially) creates a place that has all necessary conditions for a person to exist as if outside the cave. In this case, the cave is both a protector and a guardian.

We know that the author of The Book of Zohar Rabbi Shimon and his son lived in a cave for a long time. As the sources tell us, many of our forefathers settled in such places.

But the point of the cave is not to burrow somewhere in the ground and hide from someone. Its meaning is spiritual.

That is, on one hand, a person in general annuls and hides from everyone. On the other hand, it is precisely in his humbling that he combines the properties of Bina and Malchut: the property of bestowal of the upper world and the property of reception of the lower world.

Thus, in the earth in which there is, in general, nothing suitable for human life, he forms such a place, creates in it (in Malchut) such conditions that would be equal to the air (the upper world), and so he lives. In other words, thanks to Bina, the quality of bestowal, you can live in a cave.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/23/21

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