How To Use Your Qualities Correctly?

961.2Question: How does a person use their emotions correctly? How, with their help, does one advance and engage in self-development?

Answer: We can control ourselves and our emotions only through the influence of the right environment.

These are people who are more focused on the true revelation of the world. If you are among them, you can also correctly orient yourself, and thus all your feelings and emotions will come into relative order.

Question: Is there some kind of power that comes from the environment and allows me to manage myself more effectively?

Answer: Yes. It is the power of bestowal and love, of good connection. You can feel it from others.

Question: And negative qualities, such as laziness, envy, jealousy, and arrogance can also be used in some way for the benefit of others and yourself, for your own self-development?

Answer: Sure. They are given to us so that we can make an inverse realization of them, to move from egoism to altruism, to bestowal and love.

Question: How does one imagine envy in an inverse form?

Answer: If I envy others who have more distinct traits of bestowal, love, and connection with others, good mutual assistance, and so on, then this envy plays a huge positive role, and I need to develop it.

If I’m in the company of good people and I don’t envy them, then I don’t use the opportunity given to me to gather the best from them.

Question: And if we take a more complex quality, such as arrogance?

Answer: This is also a good quality. Any quality can be used both for good and bad. If I don’t have arrogance, then I’ll take from everyone what’s in them. And if I am arrogant, that is, I value myself, my ability to make a special person out of myself, then I will only look at the good sides of others.

Comment: In this way, you can inversely evaluate and try to use each quality. Let’s say anger is what drives me to act. I can be angry at myself for not being better than I am.

My Response: Sure. There is nothing evil in nature. All qualities are given to us in order to use them correctly. They all have to be good, it all depends on their application by a person.

Question: So the very definition of “bad quality” is fundamentally wrong?

Answer: Yes. It’s our egoism that drives us to use them.

Question: Can good qualities be bad?

Answer: It depends on the person. A quality cannot be bad in itself.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 4/12/21

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