How Not To Succumb To Sadness

622.02Question: I have been studying the wisdom of Kabbalah for two years now. I constantly feel guilty for investing very little in the ten. I am forced to filter my thoughts and desires every single moment. I am not happy anymore. Is this wrong? After all, you say that Kabbalists are the greatest egoists and that they love to enjoy.

Answer: You should not restrict yourself from pleasures in any way. The goal of creation is to bring pleasure to the created beings.

A person should never be in a state of sadness. If this state comes and takes possession of him, it is not a good thing. This state should be limited in time and intensity because with your sadness you reproach the Creator for having brought you to this world and for forcing you to suffer.

What is His attribute of bestowal? It should be manifested now too. In any state, each of you and all of you together should feel absolutely happy because the Creator constantly guides you only to the good. This is why it is written that even if a sharp sword is placed on your neck, you should still believe that it is for the best and that the Creator will save you.

It is actually this force that leads you forward and saves you. You should beware of being discouraged especially in the group. If the group sits and suffers, it is a terrible spiritual crime. It should not happen under any circumstances! On the contrary, you should kindle joy and optimism.

Question: Sometimes, in a state of descent it seems that the whole world is collapsing. How should we work with our thoughts in this state?

Answer: I understand you, the world is indeed collapsing, but it is the whole world and not us. We know what this world is for and what we should do in order to bring the method of salvation to the world, which only depends on changing our intention, our consciousness, our desire, our connection.

It is actually our connection with each other and with the Creator that the salvation of the world depends on. And then we will feel ourselves in the upper world.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/3/19

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