Historical Chronology And Spiritual Development

594Question: Do we have to go through all the spiritual states, like the flood, the Exodus from Egypt, etc., in the same chronological order or is it not a must?

Answer: We have to go through everything the Torah tells us about in more or less the same chronological order, but each one goes through them according to the state of his soul.

So, being in Egypt does not mean that I will spend four hundred years in exile and then escape from there through the desert.

We need to transform all that to spiritual frameworks, which means that going down to Egypt is the recognition of the ego as evil. At first, it is not evil and there are seven years of satiety when I enjoy my ego and I understand that it leads me forward, as I study the wisdom of Kabbalah, I know more and understand more and more.

Then seven years of hunger come along. If before I felt that the ego filled me, now I feel that it detaches me from spiritual attainment and that I do not want to accept it any longer but want to exit it.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/24/19

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