What Is Freedom Of Choice Connected To?

528.01Question: What is a person’s freedom of choice?

Answer: The fact is there is freedom of choice at the everyday level, which concerns each person. And how they manipulate it is their business.

And there is freedom of choice that concerns people who want to use it to ascend to another system of attainment. This is a completely different area. We call it spiritual because it is built not on the quality of reception but on the quality of bestowal.

Freedom of choice lies in the fact that a person enters into such an environment, puts himself under such influences that will help him create a quality in himself that is above his egoistic qualities. And in spite of his egoism, he can act anti-egoistically.

And how is this possible if egoism is his whole nature, it is all of him? Here, we begin to work in a team, in a group, and a special quality of bestowal arises (exiting ourselves above our egoism), which we acquire during the process of proper development through the study of Kabbalah.

Then we begin to feel that we can really rise above our usual, logical, egoistic qualities, desires, calculations, and actions to a completely different area where we act above our egoism. This is connected with the freedom of choice and the sensation of the upper world’s governing system.

That is, all this depends on the environment with which a person communicates and thanks to which he exposes himself to the special influence of this right environment. In a sense, he wants to disconnect from our world, not to obey it.

As a result, he gets the opportunity to understand, reason, and feel the quality that we call faith above reason. And then, as he develops, he begins to feel the second control system built not on egoistic influences but on bestowal and love.
From KabTV’s “A Conversation with the Integrated Course Project Participants” 3/19/21

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