How To Remain In Spiritual Sensation?

934Question: When we attract the light, then we realize that we cannot do anything by ourselves and that only the Creator rules. It feels like an illumination in the group. How can we provide the group with at least a small constant illumination so that we always hold on to this level?

Answer: How to make you constantly feel close to the Creator?

You must connect together in such a way that everyone tries to maintain constant connection with the friends and with the Creator. But being only in connection with the Creator will not help because collective support from the ten is required. You should all try to think about the friends, and they will also think about it and about the Creator. Then you will hold on to it and will not fall.

You will not be able to reach a state that you feel some kind of spiritual attribute in you, a spiritual ascent, without falling from it. Only your friends can help you.

This is the reason we learn that a person cannot get himself out of prison by himself but only with the help of the friends. If you support each other all the time, you will be able to constantly be in spiritual sensation.

Question: So this constant illumination is us being in Arvut?

Answer: Yes, Arvut between you will bring you to constant illumination. Good luck!
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 4/9/19

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