What Is Needed For Our Spiritual Development?

630.2Question: What is needed for our spiritual development?

Answer: The basic condition for our spiritual development is the desire to develop and understand who am I, what am I living for, how everything revolves around me, and how I can participate in it, how I should attain something eternal, whole, and real in my life, and how do I reveal the network of forces that impact the world and the secrets of the world?

If a person lives up to all this, if he has the desire to attain nature, the Creator, he will later determine the whole way of his development.

It depends on how much a person thinks about the meaning of life even from his childhood, about why we exist and about why other people do not think about that. He looks around and does not understand why people are so caught up, so engaged in the global commotion, and what use they find in it. How can a person not engage in something so shallow and corporeal but instead hold on to something whole and eternal?

If a person has such a desire, he yearns for spirituality.

Question: How are questions about the meaning of life related to the network of spiritual forces? After all, it is a different dimension.

Answer: They are directly related as the network of forces is built on bestowal, on mutual participation, on love, on exiting yourself, but it operates on the basis of these questions.

This means that the questions remain the same and you can find the solution to these questions only if you develop the attribute of bestowal in you. Then you will not engage in swallowing everything there is, but instead, you exit yourself, outside your egoistic self, where everyone else is. This is actually how you should act.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 11/25/18

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